Stump Grinding

K&J’s Stump Grinding services

Following the removal of your tree, K&J Tree Service can help you prepare the area for a new lawn install or garden bed by grinding your tree stump below grade. This simple process is handled by K&J’s Stump Grinder, which is the most elite machine in its class.

Driven by a wireless remote controller on low impact rubber tracks to distribute the weight of the machine, it provides very low impact to your lawn or turf below.

Stump grinding will take your stump from the root flair down to approximately six inches below grade. Give us a call today if you are looking for stump grinding services.

If you are looking for tree services in New Haven County, or Fairfield County, Connecticut, give us a call today. We will take you through the process K&J Tree Service is known for, keeping your tree work smooth, clean, professional, and enjoyable.

K&J Tree Service also offers additional tree services such as Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Removal, Plant Healthcare, Cabling & Bracing, Tree Pruning, and Stump Grinding.

our stump grinding machine