Proof of Insurance

Tree Care Insurance is different from landscaping insurance.

K&J Tree Service is fully licensed and insured for all of the tree care services we provide. Tree work is a separate category of insurance. It is entirely different from the insurance of a landscaping company or a home improvement company. It is imperative to check the coverage of someone hired to remove, prune, or work on a tree. Their insurance must be specific to tree work. If for example, your landscaper offers to perform a tree removal on your property and they do not have the proper insurance specific to tree work, you, the property owner, can be liable for any damage to the property or injury to the landscaper and their crew, should an accident occur.


Proper insurance is vital in protecting you, as the homeowner, as well as our tree technicians. We take this responsibility very seriously. Additionally, extensive training in the latest safety protocols, machinery, and techniques in the tree care industry are essential to completing a job safely and efficiently. K&J trains employees weekly on safety protocols as well as regularly updates employees on the evolving tree-removal techniques. Our goal is to be as safe and competent as possible.


We encourage our clients to review our insurance policy. K&J strives to operate transparently to keep the tree care industry and safe for all.