Municipal Tree Care

K&J Municipal Tree Care

K&J Tree Service is a licensed, bonded, and an approved vendor with the state of Connecticut. We have experience working with various local tree wardens, municipal arborists, and urban foresters.

Why is municipal tree care necessary?

K&J Tree Service takes great pride in plant healthcare and tree maintenance.

The placement of trees and shrubs along city streets is a common practice. Today, the size of America’s collective urban forest is estimated to be 89 million trees. Despite the size and value of this resource, only an estimated 7% of United States cities implement effective tree maintenance programs.

As trees age, weaken, and die, tree removal becomes necessary for public safety. Trimming is performed on municipal street trees to improve form, to reduce potential hazards, and to ensure the trees fit the constraints of the site.

K&J Tree Service works in accordance with ANSI A300 pruning specs and follows all safety requirements outlined by ANSI Z133. K&J Tree Technicians are licensed through the Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP).

With these precautions, safety, maintenance standards, and tree care experience, K&J Tree Service is a superb choice for municipal tree care. We would welcome the opportunity to work with any town on a tree maintenance project. Furthermore, we invite municipalities to turn to our experts when developing a tree maintenance program.

K&J Tree Service offers services such as Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Ornamental Tree Care, Plant Healthcare, Cabling & Bracing, Stump Grinding, Golf Course Tree Care, & Municipal Tree Care.