Cabling & Bracing in New Haven County & Fairfield County Connecticut

The main two support methods to help trees that may be failing are Cabling and Bracing. If you have a tree that looks like it may be splitting at the crotch, where two leaders (or big trunks) grow apart, the tree may be eligible for a brace to help pull that crotch together to help keep it from splitting.  Cabling is a method where two big branches become connected through a high strength steel cable.  Cabling helps to help reduce the risk of failure of weaker branches that may be an essential part of the beauty and health of the tree.  Cabling will help those branches move as one, for example, when you have a lot of wind, to keep them from moving apart and breaking.

K&J Arborists regularly install these cables and brace rods as they are supplemental structural supports intended to reduce the risk of failure of weak branches and multiple stems.  They limit the movement of the supporting limbs, so they are less likely to fail during storms.

If you feel you may have a tree that is a candidate for cables and or braces, please give us a call! We will be happy to send one of our arborists to provide you with a free tree risk assessment.

If you are looking for tree services in New Haven County or Fairfield County, Connecticut, give us a call today. We will take you through the process that K&J Tree Service is known for, keeping your tree work smooth, clean, professional, and enjoyable.

K&J Tree Service also offers additional tree services such as Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Removal, Plant Healthcare, Cabling & Bracing, Tree Pruning, and Stump Grinding.