What Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover?

“A tree has fallen on my home and my insurance company told me they cover some, but not all of the removal.”

By: Kyle DeLucia, Founder & CEO, K&J Tree Service

The Problem

This occurrence is usually an alarming experience for a property owner. Dealing with the ins-and-outs of their insurance policy is the last thing any homeowner wants to take on. K&J will tackle both the tree removal and insurance aspects, allowing the property owners to focus on their home and valuables.

Coverage and Reimbursement

All insurance companies handle these types of claims differently. It is not as simple as hiring a tree removal company and submitting a bill to the insurance carrier. The type of storm, location of your home, the site of the tree, the health of the tree, the physical damage, and your deductible are all factors that come into play when submitting an insurance claim. It is essential to know what information your insurer is looking for, and how best to deliver that information—this is what K&J can help you with!

The majority of policies will cover removing a downed tree from a structure and merely placing it on the ground. If a tree falls across your driveway, you may be entitled to reimbursement for having the tree moved from the driveway, allowing access to come and go from your home. Most insurance companies will cover a maximum of $500 to remove the debris from the property.

What are some things that are not usually covered? If a tree falls on your property, and nothing was damaged, it is unlikely you are entitled to reimbursement without a specific line item in your policy. Additionally, if a tree is hanging in a precarious position over your home but has not entirely fallen yet; removal will most likely not be covered.

Now how can we help? When K&J is called in by a property owner to handle tree-damage-based insurance claims, we help mediate the entire tree portion of the claim and follow it through to the end. K&J is listed as a preferred vendor with most insurance companies as we have experienced a variety of emergency work. Insurers trust that we will work quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Consequently, the insurance companies approve our invoices rapidly, with reimbursement  soon to follow.