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Technical Approach

I. Technical Approach

  • Upon receipt of a call for service, the operations manager dispatches the appropriate field supervisor to visit the site.
  • The field supervisor will review the scope of work to determine which bucket truck, crew, and equipment is required. He also determines whether or not a crane is needed for the project. A work order is written and assigned to the appropriate crew.
  • The field supervisor reviews the work order with the crew chief who then completes the pruning or removal work with the assistance of a trimmer and groundman. If applicable, the crane and operator work with the three man crew to complete the project.
  • The log truck and operator are dispatched to the job site to remove wood. If the log truck cannot access the wood, a skid steer is dispatched to remove the wood.
  • The stump grinder and operator are then dispatched to grind the stump.

II. Management
K&J maintains two offices as follows:
3 Price Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854
2485 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518

III. Technical & Supervisory Personnel

  • Jenn Feiman, Operations Manager: Jenn is based out of the Hamden office. Jenn oversees all staff and manages contracts, payables, and receivables.
  • Rick Garner, Fairfield County Field Supervisor: Rick oversees field operations for the Norwalk Office and ensures that Fairfield County crews are adequately prepared to complete each day’s scheduled projects.
  • Dan Poole, New Haven County Field Supervisor: Dan oversees field operations for the Hamden Office and ensures that New Haven County crews are adequately prepared to complete each day’s scheduled projects.
  • Edward Grant, Commercial Account Manager: Edward oversees field operations for commercial projects for the Hamden and Norwalk Offices and ensures that crews are adequately prepared to complete each day’s scheduled projects.
  • James Chambrelli, Arborist: James oversees the work crews on a daily basis and rotates throughout the crews as pruning projects require. James splits his time between the Fairfield County and New Haven County offices.

IV.  Additional Information

Vehicles & Equipment

Two full-time certified mechanics work to ensure that all trucks and equipment are properly maintained. The mechanics perform routine maintenance for optimal operation of all trucks and equipment as well as annual inspections in accordance with DOT and OSHA regulations.

Each driver completes daily pre-trip and post-trip inspections on their trucks and equipment. The inspection reports are maintained in books and each pre-trip report is reviewed by either the mechanic, the operations manager, or the field supervisor prior to the trucks leaving the shop for the work day. Any issues that arise with the trucks or equipment are resolved by the mechanic prior to departure each morning. In the event that repairs require a truck or piece of equipment to be taken off the road, K&J maintains one spare bucket truck with chip box, one spare chip truck, two spare chippers, and spare chainsaws to allow all crews to continue to operate as scheduled.

Scheduling Work

With multiple crews, K&J is able to schedule accordingly to complete projects that are routine in nature at the customer’s convenience. In the event of emergency work, K&J is able to arrange for immediate completion of a project to remove safety hazards and minimize damage to personal property, structures, roads, and lawns.